Monday, May 11, 2009

72 hour kits

OK most of you are in my stake so you should know about the Stake President's challenge to us. The rest of you...our Stake President has given us different monthly goals to meet. This month is to get together our 72 hour kits. Randy and I have quite a collection of 72 hour kit stuff because we are really really really into outdoors/camping type stuff. Of course we can improve some things so that's what we're going to work on. I wanted to give each of you an extra challenge to get yours together also. You never know when you'll need it.
This link gives you the very basics of what you need for a 72 hour kit.
We have the whole month to do this. So what we're thinking about is breaking it up and doing different things each weeek for FHE. Here's my plan and you are welcome to join me. If you do, I'd like to hear your ideas on what you're going to do or if you used mine...let me know how it goes. We'll go off the basic list from the link I just gave you. I'm just going to give you some extra advice on things that we have learned from.

May 11: Fuel & Light- We're going to make fire starters. These are the best ever that my sister-in-law taught me. You collect drier lint. Yes everybody can do that. Then you get those cardboardish type egg containers (not the styrofoam). Shove as much lint in each egg space as you can. Then melt wax and pour it over. It will soak through the container so make sure something is underneath. You can either buy a block of wax to melt or you can scrape all your old/burned out candles into a pan and melt them. Then when you need to start a fire you just break off one or two "egg" things and it does a very slow burn to get the wood started on fire. Make sense? If you have questions let me know. We're also going to spend time making sure the batteries in our flashlights work and that we have appropriate matches, flares, etc.

May 18: Bedding/Clothing and Miscellaneous--at the moment we have all the kids emergency clothes in one big suitcase. Well, we have a lot of kids so it's quite heavy. They are big enough now to where they can carry some of their own load. So we'll be working on individual bags. I'm planning on using their school backpacks (so I have to wait till the school year is over...I'll get new ones for them in August). Their bags will consist of clothing and food mainly. Food will be done next week though. Now a suggestion for in AZ you could probably get away with shorts/t-shirts. However, you never know what the circumstances will be. When we pack clothes we always do pants and long sleeve shirts. The reason for this is because you can always cut them into cooler outfits but you can't make cool outfits warmer...make sense? If you have a baby, make sure you add anything you will need for that baby...diapers, wipes, formula, etc. Oh one more thing. Something that we have always added to our 72 hour kits is a kid game, paper, pens, etc. This is to give them something to do. If you are stressed and really in an emergency you are going to want something that is familiar to the kids that they can take their minds off what's going on. I think we'll put something like this in each of the kids bags.

May 25: Equipment and Food/Water--Equipment is self explanatory. We're going to check our inventory and make sure all our gear is functional and that we have basics. Now because we go camping a lot we kind of have some "luxury" items. I think this is ok. The more prepared you are the better, right? The basics are fine for now if you don't want to overwhelm yourself. As for food, there are SO many different options. We used to have everything in one big tote but I'm going to put it in the kids bags this time. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do for food exactly. We've done the #10 cans before but I don't know that I'm a fan. I like that you can use the can to cook with and heat water but it's really bulky. So I'm going to think more on this and I'll get back to you. If you have good suggestions let me know.

June 1 (yes I realize it's not May but we missed the first week in May for 72 hr kits so I'm using this one): Personal supplies/1st aid kit and Personal documents--This part is not quite so hard. I'll be copying all our important documents. I'll also get together our first aid kit. Make sure you remember to put in any personal medications that you absolutely need. I also add vitamins because if we're in an emergency then I'll want to get all the nutrients we can.

OK so this is just my generalized plan. I'll have to make more details each week. Let me know how it goes. I hope we can all help motivate each other!!

Mother's Day

Wow!! Who else had a wonderful Mother's Day? I don't even have any sad!! I woke up to string tied to my bed (this was paybacks for what I did to Randy one Father's Day). I had to follow the string ALL throughout the house. I picked up a card and a few gifts (Under Armor shirts...the best in the world) along the way. The final destination of the string was to my chair at the table. Daddy and the kids made me a scrumptious breakfast! Jacob had decorated the plate so cute. They had mangos, grapes, pineapple, and ginormous chocolate covered strawberries. Then my drink was a fruit smoothy. The kids all hovered around me while I ate. Later that evening the kids put on a play for me. They were absolutely adorable!! I'm pretty sure I have the best husband and kids in the world...sorry to all the rest of you :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Check it out


So I broke out my embroidery maching this past week. It's been quite a while since I've used it. My cousin wanted me to embroider 3 towels per kid for her. They turned out SOOO cute!! Now I want to make some for my own kids.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last post for the night...

Whew!! This is my last post and then I'm caught up...YAY!!!
I don't know why but this kid has THE MOST kissable skin!! It is so stinking soft.

From march and april

You know, I think trials are amazing!! We are given trials and most of the time cannot see the end in sight. We try to figure out why we're given those trials and what we're supposed to learn from it. My pregnancy with Tanner was one trial after another after another. I was almost at the point where I was bitter to even be pregnant with him. We had a hard time getting pregnant with, not getting pregnant. I just have to think pregnant and I am. We had a hard time listening to that prompting that another child needed to come to our crazy household :) Wow! I'm glad someone else has a bigger picture and better plan in mind than me! It took more faith than I knew I had to go through the things we did with the pregnancy and with other life challenges. In Tanner's baby blessing it talked about how he would be a comfort to his mother. There is nothing more true than that statement. Sometimes our biggest trials end up being our biggest blessings!!! Every time I look at Tanner he is a reminder that Heavenly Father is watching out for us even when we think He's not. Tanner reminds me of the amount of faith we need to have to go through trials. He reminds us that if we turn to the Lord and do the things we are asked we will be blessed for them...maybe not right away like we want but we WILL be blessed. I just can't imagine our lives had we not listened. We would not have our little Tanster and what an empty hole that would have created in our family!!
Times are hard right now for everyone. It seems like everyone I know is going through some sort of major trial. I don't want to be preachy or anything but I hope that you all have a "little Tanner" in your life that reminds you of the things you need to do to make it through your trials.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture overload...part 2

The kids earned a special trip by filling up a jar with pebbles. They chose to go camping. It was just a one-nighter so we went to Lake Pleasant. We got there at semi-dark. All the good flat places were taken. We slept on the biggest slope! We didn't realize it until we woke up the next morning and ALL the kids had slid down the hill to the bottom of the tent. Randy took them fishing. Grandma and Grandpa O'Donnal came down. Rusty and Sarah and their kids came too. I love taking my kids camping!!

We went up to Cottonwood for a weekend during Spring Break. We decided to take the kids hiking so we went to Sedona. We had fun on the hike. We were aiming for Valte Arch. We didn't make our destination though. Next time we'll have to leave the wimpy girls at home.

From march and april

From Collages

Holy fatness Batman!!! How cute of a chunky butt can he be?? He has developed this crease on both legs that is absolutely fat and adorable!
From march and april

And he's now fat enough that both his dimples show! Before he only had one dimple...that cheek must have been chubbier.
From march and april

Jacob got to participate in his first pinewood derby this year. He had a very cool car. And can you believe I did not get a picture of him WITH his car?? What a horrible mother! By the end of the derby his tail fin thing had broken off so I couldn't get a good one afterward. He had so much fun making it! It was Mr. The King from the movie Cars.
From march and april

OK this picture really makes me laugh. Obviously I didn't know it was being taken. Last week I had 2 labs, a quiz, and 4 essays to write so I pulled our comfy chair up to the computer. I guess I must have been wiped out!!
From march and april

Picture overload...

OK here's more picture overload. We did a lot in February and March!!
We had a blast! The kids LOVED walking around the ballpark. We definitely get spring fever for baseball and really like the ballpark being so close to us. Oh yeah and we will forever be Cardinals fans (except Randy).

From feb and mar 2009

Say cheese...little stinkers!
From feb and mar 2009

Gotta start them young...
From feb and mar 2009

This is my brother Dave. Him and his wife Rande live in Scottsdale. We all went to ride quads. I think it may have been a little dusty. His face was disgusting!
From feb and mar 2009

This one's Jacob. It's sad to say but the only way I can tell the kids apart on the quad is the color of their riding gear.
From feb and mar 2009

They had a really cool kids place up there that was fenced off for them to ride around. Oh this is Garrett.
From feb and mar 2009

My little Caleb Monkey! He's the scariest one on the quad. That's why the picture of him is OFF the quad. When he's on I run around because he would do jumps and flips if he could.
From feb and mar 2009

And of course the princess. She's not so fond of the loud noises. She's getting better.
From feb and mar 2009

Jacob tried out for a talent show at his school and made it. He played "Follow the Prophet" on the piano. He was SO very cute and very proud! We were very pleased with his performance and hope that it builds his confidence to continue practicing.
From feb and mar 2009

The kids had a Dr. Suess day at school. They could dress like any character. Garrett chose Thing 1 from Cat in the Hat.
From feb and mar 2009

He also had a "special guest" come read a book in his class...his Grandma Fuller (my mom). They happened to be out here for a visit.
From feb and mar 2009

Over Spring Break we took the kids to one of the Indians game. Jacob made a sign for the Indians and held it up at the bullpen. They tossed him a ball and made his day! After the game the kids got to run around the bases. I really love spring training and how personal it is!!
Caleb was SO happy!!
From feb and mar 2009

From feb and mar 2009

From feb and mar 2009

More snow fun

We were able to go to the snow twice this year. I love being able to go...and then leave it where it is and come back to warmth!! Yep...I'm a wimp!
Was he aiming for the camera?

From mingus mtn snow fun

Our very disabled snowman...
From mingus mtn snow fun cute! Love this picture...check out Mr. Evil grin with a plan in the background. Yep he ruined mine and Caleb's snuggle moment by plowing us with a snowball.
From mingus mtn snow fun

We took Travis (a cousin) with us.
From mingus mtn snow fun

From mingus mtn snow fun