Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture overload...part 2

The kids earned a special trip by filling up a jar with pebbles. They chose to go camping. It was just a one-nighter so we went to Lake Pleasant. We got there at semi-dark. All the good flat places were taken. We slept on the biggest slope! We didn't realize it until we woke up the next morning and ALL the kids had slid down the hill to the bottom of the tent. Randy took them fishing. Grandma and Grandpa O'Donnal came down. Rusty and Sarah and their kids came too. I love taking my kids camping!!

We went up to Cottonwood for a weekend during Spring Break. We decided to take the kids hiking so we went to Sedona. We had fun on the hike. We were aiming for Valte Arch. We didn't make our destination though. Next time we'll have to leave the wimpy girls at home.

From march and april

From Collages

Holy fatness Batman!!! How cute of a chunky butt can he be?? He has developed this crease on both legs that is absolutely fat and adorable!
From march and april

And he's now fat enough that both his dimples show! Before he only had one dimple...that cheek must have been chubbier.
From march and april

Jacob got to participate in his first pinewood derby this year. He had a very cool car. And can you believe I did not get a picture of him WITH his car?? What a horrible mother! By the end of the derby his tail fin thing had broken off so I couldn't get a good one afterward. He had so much fun making it! It was Mr. The King from the movie Cars.
From march and april

OK this picture really makes me laugh. Obviously I didn't know it was being taken. Last week I had 2 labs, a quiz, and 4 essays to write so I pulled our comfy chair up to the computer. I guess I must have been wiped out!!
From march and april


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