Monday, February 9, 2009

San Diego

Look at me go. I'm already updating again. I think that might be a record :) Back in January we had the opportunity to go to San Diego. My nephew, Sean, graduated from the Marines boot camp. I just have to say it was one of the most amazing ceremonies I have ever been to. It gives you a renewed sense of patriotism to watch these young men want to serve our country.

He's the one directly in the middle. They all moved with exactness and were so tremendously polite. It was amazing!

We used to live near this particular nephew but when we moved to AZ we had to move away. He was one of my kids favorites. Sean would always take care of my kids. Not because he had to or anything but because he LOVED being around them. My kids attacked him the moment the ceremonies were over!

This was the first time Sean got to meet Tanner. I have a picture of every single one of my kids sleeping on Sean's chest. Well, Tanner's just squinting from the sun and not sleeping but it's the same pic I have of all his siblings.
We sure are proud of Sean!! We're looking forward to going back in August when Sean's brother, Samuel, will graduate from boot camp. I wish we could go out to South Carolina in April when my niece, Little Melissa (well, not so little anymore) will graduate from the Marines there as well. Our family will have 3 Marines by the end of the year. Ooh rah!!