Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long...catching up

OK well I'm not sure where the last three months went. Oh yes I am...I had a baby! Actually we have the best baby in the entire world. He is a fabulous sleeper. I only get up once or twice at night since the day he came home. He is super patient. I guess he has to be with all his siblings taking so much attention.

He's a cutie! We sure have enjoyed having him. I must have gone through so many trials during the pregnancy and delivery so that I would be more appreciative. We are very blessed to have such a sweet spirit in our home! So because he is such a fabulous baby I decided that I should get my last couple generals out of the way. So I'm taking 6 credit hours thru Rio I just have to take Anatomy this semester then I can apply for the nursing program. It's about a year wait after that but it's almost all online. Yes, I'm crazy!! Anywho, here are our happenings for the last couple months.
I'll spare you all our Christmas craziness. We had fun. We stayed home for the first time in 10 years. Our kids didn't even wake up till 7 am. It was the most relaxing and enjoyable Christmas morning I have ever had. I want to stay home every year now!
The Saturday after Christmas we went to Cottonwood with Randy's family. There was snow on Mingus so we HAD to go play. The road up the mountain was ICE. I was a little nervous to go up since two trucks were sliding down it almost hitting us. However, the manly boys said it was possible so we went.

The kids had a blast! Well, Brianna didn't enjoy tubing she just liked kicking the snow. Jacob kept eating the snow...hopefully not the yellow stuff :) Caleb thought it was a rollercoaster. Garrett is just silly and has fun no matter what is going on. I got to try snowboarding...looks easier than it really is. Randy and Rusty (his bro) spent most of their time "building" the trail. They bring shovels and are funny making bumps or whatever to add more fun.

Garrett had his birthday. He actually got two of them because we did one while we were in Cottonwood. It's one of our traditions that the kids get to pick out their own pan and I'll attempt making the cake. I'm by no means a professional. I just enjoy doing something fun for my kids.

We went to the Science Center over Christmas Break. The kids always love going there. It is fascinating.

We also went to the Train Park in Scottsdale over Christmas Break. My kids LOVE that place! My brother lives over there and we went to help him with some things so we stopped by while we were in the neighborhood.

OK I'm at least caught up thru last year. I'll finish January maybe by the end of February...hee hee.