Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, I guess some of you may already know that little Tanner decided to come four weeks early. That is very weird for me considering mine are usually a couple days overdue. I am much happier to have him outside my body than in!! This pregnancy was a rough go so it's nice to have such a beautiful finished product and be done being pregnant. My water broke at 2 am so we went in. I decided I'd go without an epidural because all my other deliveries were easy and I wanted to see if I could. My contractions really weren't that bad for quite a while. They kept messing with the Pitocin because his heart rate kept dropping with each contraction. Well, I had finally decided I'd had enough and I'd take the epidural. They said if I was less than a 7 I could have one. The nurse checks and says "You're a 9. Oh and that doesn't feel like a head." So they rush to get the ultrasound machine and are frantically trying to find the head. Too late!! I was ready to push. I had never had that huge urge to push with my other ones. I think when my brain heard he was breach I was NOT ready to have a c-section and I knew if the doctor got there he would want to do that. The nurse tells me not to push but I really couldn't help it and out pops his butt. Randy's face was hilarious. He said "A butt??" I would go into all the embarrassing details but many of you may gross out so I'll spare you. Let's just say that one of the nurse's who ended up delivering him had to go to the ER afterwards because of amniotic fluid in her face. Poor thing!! It was their own fault since they put in some intrauterine thing to fill up the water I had been losing.

Oh he was born October 13. He was 6 pounds 14 ounces and 18 inches long. That is TINY for us!! I guess it's a good thing since he was backwards.

He always has his hand up to his eye. It's so cute but I'm afraid he's going to scratch his eyeball out.

What's cuter than a little baby bum??

I love his little naked back!! His skin is SO soft!! I think he's cuter because he's so small!

The kids all love him to pieces! Brianna is a mini mom. She wants to help with everything!! Jacob just loves to snuggle him. I didn't know he would be so attached to Tanner. Garrett loves to laugh at the silly noises Tanner makes all the time and how his eyes roll all over the place. Caleb is just waiting until Tanner can play baseball with him. They are all very cute with our little peanut.