Friday, April 18, 2008


This is dedicated to Nikki. Don't does get better. Caleb has been our only child that is completely enthralled with making messes out of everything. I always swore I would never have "one of those kids" or be "one of those mom's". HA! I swear I watch my kids. I'm not sure when and how they make messes like these. I think they secretly lie in wait until you turn your head. They have their little plan all ready to put in motion.
This first one is a powdered sugar mess. Randy and I must have been really tired because we didn't even know the kids were awake. They were so helpful in getting Brianna up to the table and everything. Then they took a #10 can of powdered sugar and spread it all over the place. I mean everywhere...dust in the blinds, on the TV, movie cases, books, on every cabinet, chairs, table, counters, everything. Then Caleb thought about the wonderful idea of cleaning it up with water on the floor. So not only do we have powdered sugar dust to clean up all over, we also had glaze to clean up from the floor. Randy about freaked out. I laughed so hard I had to find my camera before we could clean anything up.

Next we have one of Caleb's favorite things to do for a while...pull out all blankets, sheets, and towels from the closet. He did this just so he could climb and lay on the shelves. This could be done in a matter of seconds. It didn't matter what I was doing. If I heard the noise it was done before I could get there. He always drags Brianna into it. He must think he won't get in as much trouble if he has her cuteness with him.

Popcorn...who needs a bowl? Of course it tastes better if it is spread completely all over the table and floor.

Life cereal...again, who needs a bowl? They were supposed to be sitting at the table. Instead they decided that emptying all the cereal--and smashing it into the carpet--would be a better idea.

I have NO idea what happened here. I think he had like 10 minutes while I was busy. How can you trash a room like this so quickly??

All of these pictures came within a months time. Talk about frustration!! I was wondering if it would ever end. Those were the times where you wonder why motherhood was such a great option. No one ever tells you the hard moments. They only told you the wonderful stuff about having kids. I tell Randy all the time now how glad I am that I actually like Caleb again. He was the best baby in the history of the world. But he was our only one to go through TERRIBLE TWOS!!!
Anyway, at least you know you're not alone going through these crazy times!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New look

Baseball season is upon us so I felt the need to support my St. Louis Cardinals!!! Go Cards!! However, I lost all my list of friends so I'll have to figure that out somehow. The thing I hate about being a Cardinals fan is that out here in AZ everyone thinks you are a football Cardinals fan even if there is a BAT under the Cardinal. No way. That's not for me. I've lived my whole life in MO and will be a Cards fan for the rest of my life. That's the only reason I'll go to a Diamondbacks game...if they're playing my home team.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally finished!!

Check it out!! This is my latest creation. I had a ton of t-shirts from high school stuff that I really didn't want to throw away but didn't know what to do. So my sister-in-law told me to make a quilt. This is what I came up with. I'm so excited to have it now!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Childhood games

Does anyone have silly childhood games you used to play with brothers and sisters? Most of you know that I have 2 brothers that live in our ward. Well, during one of our Sunday dinners we were randomly reminded of a childhood game we used to play. It's called ABC blackout. You have to slyly brush up against someone or you can flat out hit them. Then you run away saying the alphabet. If you get to Z before they tag you back you say "blackout" and you win. The game goes back and forth since you keep tagging each other. Even if you do get to say blackout it really doesn't matter because the person chasing you will just touch you and start it all over again. We were laughing so hard when we were playing it. It's a really good workout, sprinting all over trying to get away.
Hope you have some games to share. We're still a bunch of grown up kids and will play just about anything.

Easter pics

I can't believe I forgot to put up Easter pictures. I guess life got a little crazy for the last couple weeks. We were up to Randy's family for Easter. We went to the city Easter egg hunt. That was wild and full of kids but they all had fun.
I made all the dresses and vests for all the little ones. That was a little crazy but we got them finished and they all looked adorable!! They all said they looked like princes and princesses. All the kids were dancing with each other. It was really cute.